1. Only eat seven full

Don't be partial, the more foods the better. Try to eat as much as you can while eating. Eat eight points on the diet, limiting total energy intake. And each meal is best served with staple food, one soup and three dishes, plus fruit and dairy products. Eat low-salt, high-fat, high-energy foods, the simplest and most natural is the healthiest.

  1. Minimize the restaurant

After eating in the restaurant, the fat and sodium intake of a meal exceeds the recommended intake throughout the day (China Center for Disease Control and Prevention Beijing survey data). Therefore, people who are often in the restaurant are prone to high serum cholesterol levels and elevated BMI, which leads to various chronic diseases.

  1. Quit sweets

If high-salt and high-fat intake depends on the self-control diet of the people, then refined sugar is a hidden killer. Now the sugar content in food is getting higher and higher, which is not good for prevention and control.

If you can already feel the sweetness when you eat snacks, this sugar content is already very good and can't be higher.

  1. Reject MSG

It is well known that a high-salt diet is a risk factor for elevated blood pressure. Like salt, sodium glutamate is the main ingredient in MSG, and the intake of sodium directly affects blood pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the consumption of MSG, just like controlling salt intake.


  1. Quit smoking and alcohol

It is best not to drink alcohol, you can't stop it, you should drink less. The so-called less refers to the amount, the recommended amount of drinking in Japan is 20 grams of pure alcohol per day, which is the amount of a bottle of 5 degrees of 500ml beer.

  1. More exercise

Going for health! Don't take time to walk, watch TV, walk the dog at night, get up and walk during work, see the needles, and accumulate your own amount of exercise, which is very beneficial for preventing chronic diseases.

Exercise should be comfortable for the main purpose, exercise within the range that you can afford, excessive exercise will not only increase the joint damage such as joints, but also may lead to sudden death and other accidents.

  1. Do not forget a "degree"

In the final analysis, the key to preventing chronic diseases is to have a degree in everything. Degree is moderate, mainly reflected in one meal and one action, first of all, the diet should be moderate, do not over-nutrition, and can not eat too casually. Exercise should also be combined with your own physical condition, choose the appropriate exercise method, can not be generalized.

  1. Make your mind very happy

Put a good mentality, a flower on the side of the road, a piece of music, even a joke, you can relax yourself.

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